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Light a Candle and

Get Cozy

Brrr, it's cold outside! Gather 'round the fireplace and warm up with our nostalgic hand-poured cold-weather scents. Hot tea and fuzzy socks optional. ;)



Check out some of our comfy cozy-inspired candles, perfect as a gift!

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We care about being green

Each candle contains 100% natural soy wax hand-poured with love right here in Toronto, Canada. Our soy wax is a blend of soy bean oil and specialized soy-based additives that are FDA-approved and Kosher-certified.

All items used in production are reused and refilled wherever possible to eliminate excessive waste. When it becomes safe to do so, we will be offering a reusable candle program, complete with incentives to reusing our containers.

Our products are sourced from equitable and reliable sources that are committed to ethical practices.


All containers and packaging are reusable and or recyclable.

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Eleanor Candles - Variety Tealight Sampl

Not sure what to get?

Try our sample collection packs and find your new favourite scent!


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 Eleanor Soaps

We don't just pour candles, we pour soaps too.
Do yourself and everyone around you a favor by washing your hands with Eleanor Soaps–they're a triple threat: our soaps will get you squeaky clean, keep everyone around you safe and did I mention they smell delicious? (Please don't eat them)

People love me!

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"I really needed a candle that didn't overpower the room, while also providing a great fragrance. Usually candles from Bath and Body works give me a huge headache so this was a very welcome change. I will never buy a candle from anywhere else! Customer service was excellent and it shipped in a timely manner. Thanks Eleanor!"

Frequntly Asked Questions
  • What materials do you use in your candles?
    Here at Eleanor Candles, we use all natural soy wax, paper and cotton wicks, aluminum wick tabs and high-quality oils. Our Essential Oil candle collection is made with high-quality 100% essential oils, there are no additives or carrier oils in these products. Fragrance Oil candle collection: Classic and Fragrance oil candles are made with high-quality fragrance oils; these candles do contain candle dye.
  • How do I take the best care of my candles?
    Keep wick trimmed to ¼” / 6mm at all times. The first burn / light is the most important. When you first light candles, make sure the candle burns long enough for it to melt all the way to the edge of their containers. For best results, do this every light. If you do not do this on the first burn, moving forward the candle will only burn where you left it. This can be very wasteful and can ruin the candles and cause it to tunnel. Place on a heat resistant surface, the containers can get very hot when lit. Burn 3-4 hours at a time, in sight and out of reach of children, pets and flammable things. Best way to turn off a candle is put its lid on top of its container, to suffocate the flame and to reduce smoke in your home. Repeat!
  • What materials are in your Candle Melts?
    Candle Melts are made with high-quality fragrance oils and an all-natural soy wax that is developed specifically for soy wax melts and candle tarts. These candles melts do contain candle dye.
  • How do I use a wax melt?
    Place wax melts in an open bowl, or if melting, a suitable potpourri burner. Electric potpourri pots may overheat the wax, read and follow each electric potpourri pot manufacturers recommendations. Use a well-ventilated, candlelit burner without a lid; it should have at least a 2 ½” top opening. Use tealight candle to heat. You can also use a wax warmer / lamp as well. To change fragrances, harden the wax in fridge or freezer and pop out. Store in a cool place – avoid direct sunlight. May cause skin irritation. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Do NOT add water to wax.
  • Do you make custom orders?
    Yes! Feel free to email us at We will get back to as soon as we can with a quote and other inquries you may have.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    As of right now, we can only provide shipping within Canada and to the United States via Chit Chats.
  • Do you have a storefront where I can visit?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a storefront for visits. We do have some of our products at local small pop up shops. Follow us on Instagram for the most up to date info.
  • My candles arrived damaged/incorrect.
    ​If your package is damaged or incorrect during shipping, please send us email within 14 days of receiving your order. Please include an image of the broken product and we will gladly send a replacement. This information will help us improve our system of processing orders. Please see Returns and Refund Policies for more info.
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