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Our Story

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My name is Eleanor (surprise!). Growing up, my mom used to take me and my siblings to our small-town local family owned candle shop, and I LOVED going there. I was able to roam around, touch, feel, look, and pick from thousands of candles. This candle shop was not only a store front, but a candle factory! The owner was so friendly and knew my mom by name, clearly we were regulars. Going there was a treat and we would ALWAYS leave with probably hundreds of tiny tealights, votives, single wick and sometimes the large 3 wick pillar candles.

Now fast forward almost 2 decades, my mom tells me that they are closing Kokimo Candles. I was shocked! Naturally, I went back for the last time to say goodbye and to get whatever I could so I can try and keep my Kokimo Candles supply a float as long as I could. I would only use my Kokimo Candles for special days and times when I really needed to unwind.

At the end of 2019, I had lit my last 3 wick pillar candle from Kokimo Candles and it was slowly disappearing every time I lit it. Unfortunately, I did not take proper care of this candle and so the candle was not burning properly anymore. This is when I started to watch YouTube and tik tok videos on how to preserve and re-purpose old candles.

Ever since I moved out from the countryside to Toronto, I have spent a good amount of time working across the mall from a popular candle retailer. These candles smell great, but over time I didn’t get the same feeling and sense of atmosphere I did when I would walk into Kokimo Candles and when I would light them. The sense of nostalgia, home, small town and local just wasn’t there.

SO! This is where the candle making idea came to light… get it? I thought to myself "what if I could do this, but make it personal, sustainable, local and fragrant in a way that is perfect for every room". Thus, the creation of my candles! What started as a passion re-purpose project and hobby has become something, I wanted to share with you.

I'm grateful to have you here, and I can't wait to share my product with you. When I'm not making candles, I can be found building LEGO, making delicious food and playing video games!

Inspired, created, and curated from the comfort of my home to yours, just like the small-town shop I used to go to.

Always personal and always made with love. 

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Candles are for everyone, anyone, any space and any mood


To brighten up any room or mood with a little light and perfectly balanced fragrance

A Note on Sustainability

All items used in production are reused and refilled wherever possible to eliminate excessive waste. When it becomes safe to do so, we will be offering a reusable candle program, complete with incentives to reusing our containers.

Our products are sourced from equitable and reliable sources that are committed to ethical practices.

Image by clement fusil
Eleanor Candles - Our Materials.jpeg

paper & cotton wicks

candle dye

clothespins for setting wax

digital scale

wick tabs

essential oil fragrance

glass jars


temperature gun

100% soy wax

Our Materials

Our candles contain only the finest materials, without any artificial additives. By doing so, we reduce the number of allergens and provide clean and safe candles for your home. 

If you have any questions about our products feel free to contact us!

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